This is not satire, it’s for real

This is a true exchange word to word, this is not satire. Certain portions removed because they involved same points being exchanged back & forth Characters involved : #AAPtard : a 30 something individual, IT professional who was in Land of Free for around 6/7 years. Returned to India about a year & half back […]

Anti Superstition Bill and Pluralism

Long mail alert ….I think we need a little bit of step back to get the crux of this debate Firstly most things that are harmful & covered in this bill (like beating someone up, abusing a woman, cheating) are punishable under existing criminal laws. What new bill covers is “faith” aspect of it. People […]

Goodbye sachin

Statutory warning – If you were born post 1985-87, probably you shouldn’t be reading this. What I am writting about is not about sachin the greatest batsman, sachin the sports ambassador, sachin the brand but it’s about sachin the generational hero. What I am writing about I feel only people who are of Sachin’s age+/- […]

I am sorry Advaniji

Dear Advaniji, This is a sincere open letter to you by a long term BJP sympathizer, supporter & once upon a time Swayamsevak. I never thought this moment will come when I started my journey as a kid. Parampujaniya DevrasJi, Atalji & you were the TriMurti for us. Devrasji is no more & will be […]

What I learnt from Kritika

Kritika our 2nd daughter is now 18 months+. Watching her grow has been on one side highly entertaining while on other side hugely educating experience. Although she is our 2nd child , I feel I missed most of the fun during Sanika’s childhood. Not that I didn’t play with her, not that I didn’t spend […]

Civil Society’s Open Letter to Indian Army

Dear Indian Army, In last couple of days some questions have been raised about us “The Civil Society”. The key question being asked is Why no candle light march has been held to show support to the soldiers who recently died near LOC. Some have even pointed out what they call as an irony, that […]

What did RSS chief really say?

As usual the secular media, the mombatti crowd & non hindus sporting hindu names have lied. Here is what RSS chief exactly said. I challenge anyone who has any shame and honesty to show me what’s wrong in his statement. “इंडिया में जो यह घट रहा है, बढ़ रहा है वह बहुत खतरनाक और अश्लाघ्य […]