Original JJ Quotes

Collection of various original JJ Quotes over last few years.

  • [13th May 2016] From making Enterprises agile to making Agile Enterprisy….we have come a long way
  • [24th Apr 2016] Don’t just walk the talk , also talk the walk
  • [23rd Mar 2016]Liberal is a Communist who is yet to come out of close
  • [22nd Mar 2016] Devdutt Pattanaik is Ramchandra Guha of Indian Mythology
  • [7th Mar 2016]Amount of social conscience a person has is inversely proportional to number of online petitions he signs
  • [31st Jan 2016]LHS and RHS of equation of life have always to be in balance. When LHS I.e. Life experiences does not balance with RHS I.e. Sum total that can be explained by physical sciences, then unexplained is attributed to metaphysical or God.
  • [25th Jan 2016]There are 3 types of truth.. Truth, Eternal Truth and “Because Kejriwal said so”
  • [24th Jan 2016]What is scientific today will be dogmatic tomorrow
  • [9th Jan 2016]People who can’t aim & shoot straight in a commode while peeing are right now giving gyaan on marksmanship of NSG
  • [27th Dec 2015]All that motivational blabber is highly depressing
  • [30th Nov 2015]Being knowledgeable is when you know things, that you claim you know. Being enlightened is when you know, what you don’t know.
  • [27th Nov 2015]If truth depresses you, you shouldn’t be on social media.
  • [26th Nov 2015]A blog is an insurance policy against poor performance
  • [20th Nov 2015]Yes all Original JJ Quotes are as original as Rahul Gandhi’s quotable quotes
  • [22nd Oct 2015]Year of Rahul Gandhi = Year of Linux on Desktops
  • [13th Oct 2015]In Soviet Russia awards give back intellectuals
  • [18th Jun 2015]Cost of not making mistakes is not learning. Question is are you ready to pay that price for being always right
  • [28th May 2015]Only excuse for an educated person to be an AAPtard is cerebral dysfunction
  • [6th May 2015]I had great respect for IAS officers… then I saw social media posts that claimed to have questions from IAS exams ….:
  • [4th May 2015]A capable & determined peg makes the hole square
  • [28th Apr2015]ॠ़षीच कूळ, नदीच मूळ, आणि WhatsApp Message चा मूळ लॆखक शॊधू नयॆ म्हणतात….
  • [17thApr2015]If “Right To Laugh at” was not universal, but awarded only to those who can laugh at themselves, world would be a better place
  • [7thApr2015]Yo @TimesNow is so dumb that Aliya Bhatt cracks TimesNow jokes ‪#‎TimesNowDisaster‬
  • [2ndApr2015]Twinkle in the eyes & fire in the belly always trump experience on CV & a degree on paper
  • [2ndApr2015]Agile : Get busy being or keep busy doing? (Inspiration : Shawshank Redemption)
  • [9th Feb 2015] It’s counter intuitive but value created in front end is less in case of online retail as compared to brick & mortar.
  • [9th Feb 2015] Analytics is not a substitute for Entrepreneurial Instinct.
  • Appearing stupid is not a corporate sin, but doing that over an email is.
  • You are more likely to be shouted down by a neutral than someone with completely opposing view.
  • Average Indian behind a wheel is as dangerous as an average American with a gun.
  • In blind pursuit of equality we loose appreciation of uniqueness.
  • Mediocrity follows a normal distribution.
  • Time value of morality.
  • Low hanging fruit is the tallest hurdle on path of innovation.
  • Silence is the most potent weapon, words are a reliable defence. The world though thinks other way around.
  • Swaminathan Aiyyer is Sanjay Manjarekar of economics.
  • Every time you solve a problem in easiest possible way , you have lost an opportunity to learn something new.
  • I have said some incredible stupid things , but nothing comes close to this quote .
  • A long walk is the best mental exercise.
  • There are 2 types of terrorists in the world. Saffron terrorists and terrorists who don’t have a religion.
  • Never reason with a rationalist – Original JJ quote with due attribution to George Bernard Shaw
  • Taking unpopular decisions in a democracy is not reforms.Taking the right decisions and making them popular is reforms.
  • Liberal – One who encourages liplocks in public but abomonishes you if you use word SEX on facebook because his 12 year old daughter is on FB.
  • Word Sexy has lost all its sex appeal because of overuse.
  • The “belief” that every cause and effect can be linked through a mathematical equation ,however complex this equation is science.Till you can prove beyond reasonable doubt that truth can not live beyond these boundaries, you are enforcing your belief system as science. That’s why scientific acumen zealots often sound very similar to religious zealots.
  • A person who is convinced about merit of his argument is never in hurry to convert others. For him debate itself is a reward as he knows other side will see the truth if told often enough.
  • Lawlessness is directly proportional to number of laws.
  • A quote is not quotable if it does not use superlative degree.
  • Shying away from responsibility can be very liberating.
  • Successful strategy is outcome of strategic thinking,not of reading books on strategy.
  • It’s better to be politically incorrect than being morally corrupt.
  • One doesn’t get to hear phrase “Crony Socialism”as it’s a tautology.Cronyism is inherent to socialism.
  • Vivekananda has been undersold in same proportion as Gandhi has been oversold. Reverse would have made India a first world country by now.
  • Everybody is worried about heart attacks. The epidemic of soul attacks has gone unnoticed.
  • If Integrity is your USP, then you are in a thinly populated underserved niche.
  • Truely inspirational is often least articulate.
  • Indian Secularism is illegitimate child of Emergency.
  • Disdain from a a brave enemy is more valuable than concern from a coward well wisher.
  • Female celebrities talking about objectification of women is same as Tobacco Companies talking about Cancer Cure
  • Democracy is not about being smart,intelligent. It is about being popular.To become popular dumb down your message.
  • Motha hone Mhanje Jorachi Lagleli Astana Dharun Thewta Yene.(Marathi quote).

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