Why Hindus keep losing wars?

Some disclaimers, although the post is about wars there is not going to be customary tribute to Sun Tzhu. After reading Kautilya I find Sun Tzhu to be incomplete. Secondly this is not a post to debate whether Hindus actually lost wars or not. I consider that they have, and the post is based entirely […]

Tax Payer’s Party of India

I started writing this post about a decade back. It has stayed in draft since 2006/7.The recent social media and off social media outpouring of anger by Educated MiddleClass Indians(EMIs) on 2018 budget made me revisit the post, make it more contemporary & finish it. A democracy is for the people , by the people & […]

The illogic of being Logical

Every once in a while I get into an argument. I know that’s an understatement. Anyways that is not the point of this post. The point is, every time you are in an argument which can be either bilateral or a multilateral argument , each side of argument keeps repeating “Your argument is illogical”. “I […]

My predictions on #Demonitization

In such supercharged times, in times of uncertainty it is fun to look into a crystal ball stick your neck out & make predictions. So here are my predictions around demonetization Current currency shortage is as per design. Its outcome of a plan This shortage will disappear the day government feels comfortable to allow currency […]

The Rise of Monolingualism

Move on Monotheism, Monolingualism is the new game in town….. Sounds alarming? Sounds far fetched? Am I being paranoid? Answer is none of the above. With a very heavy heart & a wounded ego I write this. But before I go there lets travel in time to few years back. It was year 2010, Sanika […]

Respone to “Why I Leave Office At 5.30”

Original article I don’t agree with this article one bit. As a staunch male feminist & father of 2 daughters , I find it having faulty logic as well as find it regressive. “many, many of my male colleagues have judged me and hinted that I’m a slacker.” <– Well people who work late by […]

My Lok Sabha Projections

Since this is season of electoral projections, thought why not me? Ok , actually I had done this exercise in Nov. I am not a psephologist, have no knowledge of statistical methods of predicting election outcomes. These projections are based on people I interacted with from various locations across India, between Sept to Nov. Also […]