The illogic of being Logical

Every once in a while I get into an argument. I know that’s an understatement. Anyways that is not the point of this post. The point is, every time you are in an argument which can be either bilateral or a multilateral argument , each side of argument keeps repeating “Your argument is illogical”. “I think in a logical fashion”. “How can you not see my side of argument since its so logical”. Often such occurrences are swept under the carpet as different individuals having different opinions. Often the blame is shifted to individuals rather than pinning it on the real culprit…LOGIC.More specifically the blame should be pinned on the construct that “Logic & truth” are same. Or Being logical will get you to truth.This happens because most people do not know, understand,appreciate or accept limits of logic.

Almost everyone I have met who keeps paying glowing tributes to logic has never heard about Kurt Goedel. While Goedel presented a mathematical theorem his conclusion can be distilled to following ..”No formal system of logic can be complete as well as non self-contradictory at the same time. “. What it essentially says is that for anything to be logical it has to limit itself to the evidence that proves the logic & eliminate all the evidence that proves things otherwise.

Famous mathematician Lagrang goes further.His zero one block (LZOB) theorem says that “There can not be pattern in anything“. Logic is all about pattern identification & matching. So LZOB essentially says that the concept of Logic itself is illogical.

In addition to these fundamental or theoretical limits of logic, there are practical limits to it as well. The time that one can spend on collecting evidence in favor of an argument is finite. There are numerous biases that creep in. Then there is the limitation of ability of rational part of human brain as to how much it can process, what volume of inputs & to what depth.

The entire edifice of rationalism is built on foundations of logic. Logic can never falter is the presumption. Every vocal supporter of “scientific acumen” uses “this is irrational”,”this is illogical” to assert or deny if something is true or not, without being aware that using Logic as a proxy to truth is very unscientific.


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