The Rise of Monolingualism

Move on Monotheism, Monolingualism is the new game in town…..

Sounds alarming? Sounds far fetched? Am I being paranoid?

Answer is none of the above. With a very heavy heart & a wounded ego I write this. But before I go there lets travel in time to few years back.

It was year 2010, Sanika my eldest daughter was 4 years old. We were in Bangalore looking for a good school. Multiple options were there Delhi Public School, Saint this, Bishops that. I was very clear , my daughter will spend first few years learning our own language.We tried our best to find a Marathi medium school in Bangalore & when we couldn’t we decided to get her admission in a Kannada medium school. Yes 2 parents who could barely speak 3 lines in Kannada were more than willing to let our daughter to go to Kannada school. As the luck will have it, school’s norms came in our way Sanika was few months younger than their stipulation we could not get her in that school.

Instead of wasting her entire year, we decided to relocate to Pune & put her in a Marathi medium school.Yes you read it right, we relocated to Pune for one reason and one reason only, to ensure that my daughter’s primary education happens in mother tongue…and not just our mother tongue …any of the languages that are languages of Bharat Mata. Fact that my in laws are in Pune, all our relatives are in or near Pune were always of secondary importance.Everyone who knows me will testify that for years I have hated Pune & loved Bangalore. We moved to Pune for no other reason.

She is now in 3rd standard, my younger daughter is also student of same school & still in Kindergarten. We have been extremely happy with whatever progress both have made both academically & in extra-curricular.

Today the school delivered a crushing blow and I am not blaming them. They have been seeing falling admissions in Marathi medium classes. So they have decided to convert all Marathi medium sections into “Semi English”. Sanika will be forced to take “Semi English” from next year onwards. Of course since Gov of Maharashtra mandates atleast 1 Marathi Medium class , they will move all the lowest performers from all 4 classes into Marathi Medium class. Sanika will be forced to take English education or will be forced to sit amongst lowest performers.

When I started typing this blog I thought I will write an angry post, a clarion call to help Indian languages. But as I have reached this point in my post …I feel numb…I give up. I feel helpless just as I feel helpless in front of march of Monotheism, I feel helpless to stop march of Monolingualism.While we are killing bio-diversity on one side, we are murdering Bharat’s beautiful soul ..pluralism , multiple cultures, multiple languages …Soon we will become a zombie race…all dressed in black suit n white shirt n black tie..all speaking one English & all praying to one god …This vision devastates me…it breaks me from inside…

Completely at loss….



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