This is not satire, it’s for real

This is a true exchange word to word, this is not satire. Certain portions removed because they involved same points being exchanged back & forth

Characters involved :

#AAPtard : a 30 something individual, IT professional who was in Land of Free for around 6/7 years. Returned to India about a year & half back now a vocal AAP supporter

me: Yours truely. A 30 something individual, IT professional who has been in India like forever, a vocal BJP supporter


#AAPtard : BJP has offered to pay 20CR, they have been making calls….

#me: But that’s just an allegation , there’s no proof, if AAP’s so honest then they should prove it

#AAPtard: We have support of AAM admi, if BJP is so honest it should prove that they didn’t make offer.

#me: Well your govt is in Delhi, you can produce call records

#AAPtard: Telecom companies are owned by Tata,Ambani. They are hands n glove with BJP. They would have wiped out the records



#AAPtard: See BJP & Congress both supported Lokpal bill in Parliament. That proves that they are sides of same coin. Are you blind?

#me: But AAP is the one who is running govt with Congress’s support?

#AAPtard: We didn’t ask for the support, we don’t need their support, they are giving it forceibly

#me: Then why don’t you just resign saying that we don’t want congress support & without that we don’t have majority

#AAPtard : See that’s what I am telling you. BJP wants this govt to fall.




#me: But look at development records of BJP govts

#AAPtard: Don’t throw planning commission numbers at me. Those are beurocrats

#me:But planning commission is doing everything to support Central govt even tutoring them on how to read statistics why would they manufacture numbers that make BJP govts look good?

#AAPtard: That proves my point. They are united against Aaam Admi. That’s why they give fake numbers that show BJP govts in good light



#AAPtard: Open your eyes. Stop supporting BJP blindly. You can’t understand common man by sitting in AC rooms.It’s people like you who follow politicians blindly that have made this country into banana republic. We need anarchy so that structures created by beurocrats, industrialists & politicians can be destroyed & Aam Admi can find his own voice

#me :Speechless


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