Anti Superstition Bill and Pluralism

Long mail alert ….I think we need a little bit of step back to get the crux of this debate

Firstly most things that are harmful & covered in this bill (like beating someone up, abusing a woman, cheating) are punishable under existing criminal laws. What new bill covers is “faith” aspect of it.

People who support such bills like this think that they are furthering the cause of science. They aren’t. They are furthering a religious cause. And I will explain why.

Please note that concept of “andhshradha” is not Indian or Hindu but Christian. As you can see the word andhsrahda(blind faith) implies that there is some “dolas shradha(informed faith)” which is a falacy. Shradha(faith) by definition is andha(blind). And hinduism accepts that and actually encourages that.

This concept originated in christianity because christianity was trying to win “war” with paganism. They had to have a very clear distinction between people who believe in Christ to be “dolas” & those who believed in paganism to be “andh”, thats why this forced differentiation between faith & superstition.

Hinduism in contrast all along says that if it’s faith it has to be blind. Our saints encourage you to have blind faith in god and you are warned about wavering of your faith.Either your are astik or nastik. Both are acceptable. Hinduism also recognizes that there will be  people who will follow such practices which it categorizes under  “jaran, maran,aghori” category.All along people are warned against such practices but there is no punishment prescribed for following them vis a vis christianity where paganism was banned in many states with punishment upto death for followers of pagan rituals.

The whole moment of scientific temperament started in europe & hence has a hugely christian stamp on it. That’s why it doesn’t stop at stamping unscientific but tries to ban what they call “unscientific”. Lack of appreciation of plurality is baked into it. The batlle of “allopathy” vs other pathies is very similar. Monoethism has left an undeniable stamp on science where world is always binary between black & white with no acceptance of any other shade or colour. Interestingly Leibnitz, father of binary system, was deeply christian. He presented this system as a support for his theology and i quote

It is not easy to impart to the pagans… [the idea of] creation ex nihilo through God’s almight power. Now one can say that nothing in the world can better present and demonstrate this power than the origin of numbers, as it is presented here through the simple and unadorned presentation of one and zero or nothing.

But i digrace. So coming back to the point, by saying certain practices are illegal you are endorsing other practices not covered in this bill. And nothing can be more anti science than that, nothing can be more anti agnostic than that.

I would really like people who follow science “zealously” to take a step back & think about this.In your zeal are you killing plurality, the fundamental tenet of this country/hinduism?

Lastly coming back to this specific bill. Let’s remember what became part of bill was a very small subset from where it started. Original draft bill had many clauses which were direct attack on varkari panth. Do remember that Maharashtra is a state which has been one of the least fertile fields for missionaries in south, remember that one of the reasons why hinduism is still strong in this state at grass roots is varkari sampraday. .

you can throw all this in garbage labeling it a conspiracy theory. I would just advice people to better be cautious than be sorry at a time when there will not be any use of being sorry.


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