I am sorry Advaniji

Dear Advaniji,

This is a sincere open letter to you by a long term BJP sympathizer, supporter & once upon a time Swayamsevak. I never thought this moment will come when I started my journey as a kid. Parampujaniya DevrasJi, Atalji & you were the TriMurti for us. Devrasji is no more & will be remembered for unshackling RSS & growing it beyond anyone’s imagination. Atalji has all but retired but will be remembered as a great prime minister & a master politician.

You sir, always commanded more respect in the cadre, within the party workers, at times even more than Atalji. You were respected for your dedication, your forthright & no nonsense attitude, your ability to groom young leadership & your unabashed , strong support for Hindutva.

Over last decade or so, especially in last 5 years this image of yours has taken a sever beating. Often one should be judged by not who criticises someone but by who praises someone. When entire secular brigade including Digvijay Singh, Rajdeep, Burkha start praising someone, one should starts doubting that individual’s credentials. These were same people who for a decade wouldn’t let a month pass by without comparing you to Hitler.

But why should one blame vultures? Its their nature to circle on carcass & feast on it. And this carcass is of your values, of your dignity.

You might blame yourself for having worked for a party for over 4 decades, which has now decided to set you aside because it has found someone who is better suited for the time & times ahead. Its misfortune that you are in a party which is by and large merit based, by & large democratic  & by and large has to respect wishes of the cadre. Too bad you are not in a party where only criteria for being Numbero uno is a sirname where being a lucky sperm is ticket to supremacy.

But then are your really sorry for THAT? Isn’t this moment for you to be proud of ? That you have created a party which can look beyond you? Wasn’t that what you always wanted to see?

Yes I know it’s painful going through this transformation. Its painful to see your dream outgrow you as a person. But that’s how nature works atleast in case of healthy living organisms. Old needs to make way for new, today’s new will become tomorrow’s old…isn’t that what happened to Balraj Madhok? Isn’t that how BJP outgrew JanSangh?

Even now you have time & opportunity. You could take the higher road post your resignations of respecting the wishes of karyakartas, swayamsevaks through whose selfless work this party has seen Atalji becoming a Prime Minister. There is no shame in not becoming a prime minster, but it would be shameful to be remembered as a power hungry patriarch who wouldn’t let it go at any cost.

Choice is yours …”to die a hero or live long enough see to yourself become a villain”. Neither your party nor this country is any different than Gotham city.

– An unabashed BJP supporter

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