What I learnt from Kritika

Kritika our 2nd daughter is now 18 months+. Watching her grow has been on one side highly entertaining while on other side hugely educating experience. Although she is our 2nd child , I feel I missed most of the fun during Sanika’s childhood. Not that I didn’t play with her, not that I didn’t spend time with her it’s just that my mindset then, my work schedules then meant I hardly reflected on what was observing or may be it’s like watching a classic for 2nd time. First time you are so much overwhelmed by the entirety of it, you miss the minutiae, the aha moments. A repeat viewing helps you discover many small details which when put together make it a 2 hour long classic

More I see a child like Kritika , more I feel overwhelmed by God’s creation more I feel underwhelmed about myself. Somethings which a child does so brilliantly and we as adults have to pay thousands in life trainings, management talks

1. There’s no shame in failing

She sees me eating with spoon. Now she too wants to eat with spoon.Her first attempt ..couldn’t get anything in spoon. She is amused, smiles. Her second or 3rd attempt, manages to pick up about quarter spoonful of food, tries to bring it close to her lips..all the food falls down. “धप्प पय्य…” in adult language “धप्प पडलं” i.e. it all fell down. There’s a smile on her face as if she has conquered Mt. Everest.

2. Fear of failure is what will be a lifetime failure.

Smart adult in me wants to help her. I try to give her verbal instructions. She has a quizzical look on her face. She is puzzled why am i so bothered with her failure. She rebuffs my attempts to help her with a “नक्को”  shaking her head in disapproval with a frown on her face. I step back.

3 .Relish each small success

The efforts are going on, hardly any food reaches her lips. Somewhere something clicks, she realizes with those tiny unsteady hands it will be impossible for her to make food reach her lips. So she bends down, slowly brings her mouth & spoon close simultaneously and finally a tiny food particle goes into her mouth. She chews it, puts the spoon down. Her hand reaches her tummy, a victorious smile on her face, she closes her eyes and declares “पोट भय्य”…my tummy is full …

4. Practice, Practice & Practice

Next few hours are spent in practicing this art. Sometimes using empty spoon sometimes using Sanika as a guinea pig sometimes using “भाही” i.e. doll as guinea pig. She is not bored of doing , repeating same monotonous, boring action. Not till she is satisfied that she has attained perfection in her own eyes. She doesn’t care what adults think ..in her own eyes “चमचा मंमं झाय” ..she has mastered art of eating by spoon

5. Don’t care about how small you are think big

Doesn’t matter that the sofa is taller than you. Take advantage of your light weight. cling to it …kick the ground…it hurts..cry …make others synpathize with you. And then try again..try till you can climb it on your own

6. Forget & forgive

Adults are bad people. They never allow you to do anything that you want to do. They make you eat food when you want to play. They make you sleep when you want to eat. They make you wear clothes when you want to enjoy the fun of running around in natural state. Express your anger…go head and make your displeasure known through …”कत्ती..”..but with 10 minutes, embrace them as if nothing has happened. Remember relationship is more important that temporary discomfort.

They say child learns a lot by observing adults. Probably thats why they “grow”. Adults loose this capacity, that’s why they become “old”…….

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