Parts of Gujarat Lokayukta case media fails to reveal

I am only going to reproduce parts here from the judgement , which biased anti Modi media is refusing to reveal. I quote from the judgement


The present Governor has misjudged her role and has insisted, that under the Act, 1986, the Council of Ministers has no role to play in the appointment of the Lokayukta, and that she could therefore, fill it up in consultation with the Chief Justice of the Gujarat High Court and the Leader of Opposition. Such attitude is not in conformity, or in consonance with the democratic set up of government envisaged in our Constitution. Under the scheme of our Constitution, the Governor is synonymous with the State Government, and can take an independent decision upon his/her own discretion only when he/she acts as a statutory authority under a particular Act,or under the exception(s), provided in the Constitution itself. Therefore, the appointment of the Lokayukta can be made by the Governor, as the Head of the State, only with the aid and advice of the Council of Ministers, and not independently as a Statutory Authority.



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