Simple way to view disk usage on ubuntu

Considering how frequently I switch between Windows & Ubuntu, very often I am looking for tools that will help me accomplish similar tasks across both the systems. Viewing disk utilization is one of these activities.

Having used du in past I was looking for some better alternatives. That’s when I came across agedu. A very simple tool to view your disk usage by directories.

Step 1 : Install agedu.That’s standard ubuntu way

sudo apt-get install agedu

After installation complete goto your home directory and run agedu

sudo agedu -s / # if you want look at disk usage right from root directory downwards

Built pathname index, 208023 entries, 13396313 bytes of index

Faking directory atimes

Building index

Final index file size = 37054664 bytes

Now how to view the results? Again fairly simple

agedu -w

Using Linux /proc/net magic authentication

Now navigate to the url specified ..and this is how you see


The best aspect? It scans a 100 GB partition in less than 30 seconds

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